Your Complete Guide to Buying HGH Supplements Online

buy HGH online guide


The HGH products are highly regulated. You can buy HGH online or chose to take the offline way. But, for some HGH products, you would require a prescription from an authorized medical practitioner. There are many sites offering this HGH hormone at affordable rates, so you can compare prices and choose the best option out of them.


There are many websites that help you to get a better deal with easy payment options. While purchasing online, some of the following things are to be kept in mind.

  • Buy from the trusted brands. Some brands do not accompany the approved FDA certificate. So, it is always important to buy from the trusted brands. Some of the brand names in HGH are Somatropinne HGH, HGF Max, GenF20 Plus, GenFX, HGH Pill 30,000 Nanos, and HGH Spray 30,000 Nanos
  • Ensure that the website is legit. Thus, ensure the security in transaction financially. There are many spam websites that ask for your credit/debit card password. So, be extra careful when it comes to financial transactions.
  • How much is HGH? Understand the dosage requirement of your body. HGH dosage varies from person to person. The dose ranges an average of1iu to 3iu per day. Women need a lower dose of HGH. Some athletes take 6iu to 8iu per day for 16 weeks. It can increase the risk of diabetes if not taken in a correct quantity. Consult a doctor before buying HGH products.

You need to have a prescription drug insurance for some of the HGH products; you have to fax the same to online retailer and your medicine becomes readily available to you.


There are different forms of HGH available in the market. They are available in the form of capsules, injections, tablets, powder, etc. The most common HGH products are listed below:

HGH Injections: This product has the most effect on the human body as this is directly injected into the blood stream by injection. As it contains synthetically prepared real recombinant growth hormone, this type of HGH may prove fatal to the user without the advice of a qualified medical practitioner.

  • Prescription–Required. When buying HGH online, you should avoid buying high dosage. If it is really required, take help of your medical advisor while selecting these injections.
  • Price– On an average, an injection costs $25, which accounts for an average of $ 800 -$ 3000 per month. This is the costliest of all products and much more effective also.
  • Needs-This can be used only in the conditions like Cachexia, Intra-uterine growth reduction, Turner’s syndrome, HGH deficiency, chronic renal insufficiency.
  • Ingredient- Some of the ingredients that are present are sodium dihydrogen phosphate dehydrate, phenol, benzyl alcohol sucrose, Bacteriostatic Water, glycine, sodium dihydrogen phosphate anhydrous, dibasic sodium phosphate, Norditropin, Omnitrope, mannitol etc. Because of these synthetically prepared real recombinant growth hormone, it may have side effects such as cappal tunnel syndrome, numbness of body, nerve or muscle pain, high cholesterol level.


HGH sprays: These Sprays don’t fall in the expensive range. These are often immersed in alcohol and are widely used because of the ease of use of the product. Sprays are usually taken through the mucous membranes. The HGH molecule is modified to suit the human conditions.

  • Prescription– No prescription is required and are available online.
  • Price:$15- $60
  • Needs-It helps in improved skin elasticity, reduced wrinkles, better sexual performance, enhanced immune system etc.
  • Ingredients-Homeopathic growth hormone. Some of these may contain only amino acid, vitamin and herb.


HGH Pills: HGH acts as a releaser. It stimulates the pituitary gland to release human growth hormone naturally once it enters into the digestive system. These types of HGH are enhancers and deemed as dietary supplements. These pills are available online and are recommended to take before sleeping in the night. They have less side effects that the HGH injections.

  • Prescription– No prescription required; these are available online.
  • Ingredients: These releasers may contain a mix of herbal supplements. These are not synthetically prepared like HGH injection or HGH pills. The main ingredients are amino- acid, vitamin and herb.
  • Needs-Quick weight loss, muscle mass buildup etc.
  • Price: They are much cheaper than HGH injection and sprays $ 10 -$ 40


Other products: The other products that are available in HGH are

  1. GHRH– Prescription is required for this product. It is taken by sub-cutaneous injection.
  2. Patch- No prescription is required. These products now claim to be better than sprays. The main ingredients are amino-acids and herbs. Sometimes they have homeopathic content also.
  3. Nanogram scan– This contains some nanogram of growth hormone.


There has been illegal sale of the synthetic growth hormone injections. Therefore, it is essential to go for over-the-counter alternatives of legal non-synthetic growth hormone supplements. There is a need of educating the public about these over-the-counter supplements like HGH pills and sprays of homeopathic properties.


Some of the top HGH supplements available in the market are Somatropinne HGH, HGF Max, GenF20, GenFX, HGH Pill 30,000 Nanos, and HGH Spray 30,000 Nanos.


Most of the HGH pills and HGH sprays are highly effective. It helps you to achieve younger skin, and stimulate the natural human growth hormone. These are safer than HGH injection and are legal to use.

REAL HGH- tests and results

If we don’t get the HGH product from pharmacy, it becomes difficult to know whether a product is real or not. There is only one way out to test the authenticity of the HGH – through blood test by identifying Riptropin, Gintropin etc. For this you have to inject 2 to 4 ius and the blood should be taken after 3 hours of injection. Once that is done, the blood should be taken for serum test. If the human growth hormone shows elevated level in the blood sample results, then we can conclude that HGH that we are using is a real one.


Buying things online is the best option as you can scrutinize each and every product available in the market. Keeping this in mind, you can buy HGH online as the sales options for HGH are effective on the web and they are readily available over the Internet. The manufacturing sites give loads of information about their products and there are hundreds of reviews from customers who have used these products. But before going online, the most important thing is to seek the advice of a medical practitioner and understand the usage required for your body because everyone is different.

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