HGH and Weight Loss – How HGH Helps You Lose Weight

weight loss with HGH

The pituitary glands produce the human growth hormone. It is responsible for tissue repair, metabolism and the growth of muscles among others things. It is present in the body, since the early ages of life. People have the highest level of the hormone in their teenage years and childhood. This is because a lot of development takes place around those age groups.

Unfortunately, its level reduces when you become 30 years old and above. Since the hormone is important in the body, people look for ways to increase its level. The body relies on the hormone for bone development, metabolism, to regulate growth, body temperature, weight loss, muscle composition and maintaining a youthful skin.

How HGH Helps Lose Weight

Lose weight HGHA fast metabolism is a sure way to lose weight and to make sure fat does not get stored up in your body. The human growth hormone is responsible for this in your body. It does this by increasing the muscle mass, while at the same time reducing the fat levels in the body.

In 1990, an experiment was carried out which showed that HGH injections increased the muscle mass by 8.8% and reduced the body fat by 14%. The people who took part in the experiment did not exercise nor had a human growth hormone diet. The University of California carried out a similar study, which took six months. After the time period, the participants had lost 13kg whilst gaining 4% lean muscle weight.

Two enzymes are responsible for the HGH weight loss; lipase and lipoprotein lipase hormone. The breakdown of fat requires a lot of energy. The body gets the energy by breaking down the fats in the body.

Lipoprotein is responsible for breaking down any free and stored fatty acids. Lipoprotein Lipase on the other hand is responsible for storing fatty acids in the body. The activity of lipoprotein lipase is reduced by decreasing it production. As for lipase, its activity is enhanced.

After eating, a considerable amount of insulin is released by the pancreas, which helps to transform carbohydrates to glucose. The glucose is stored in the body as fat cells to be used as energy at a later day. When the level of HGH is high, it produces ‘insulin like growth factors’ which inhibits this process. The carbohydrates are not transformed into glucose. In the long run, the body uses the previously stored fat as energy. Normally, the body uses the glucose for energy before breaking down the fatty acids. The opposite happens when HGH is present.

Obese patients are advised to increase their HGH for weight loss. They are known to have low levels of HGH. This can be explained by the high presence of fatty acid in the blood; they inhibit the production of the growth hormone. Obese people are also known to have high levels of the Insulin Growth factor (IGF-1). It also hinders the production of the GH. When it’s supplemented, it increases the fat metabolism in the body.

The hormone is known to greatly reduce the stomach fat. Fat build up in the stomach is known to cause heart disease.

Natural Methods of Increasing It

HGH Weight Loss PackageHGH has immeasurable benefits and it is understandable when people look for ways to increase its levels in the body. There are two ways that can increase its levels in the body; the natural and the synthetic method.

HGH level in the body can be increased by detoxing. For the body to use the growth hormone, it has to be converted to IGF-1. This can only take place effectively when the liver is in good shape. Detox rids the liver of harmful stuff and ingredients. It is only then that it can convert the growth hormone effectively.

Did you know that HGH levels increase when sleeping? This is especially true when you sleep in a 100% dark room with no traces of light. The production of melatonin increases in completely dark conditions. When its level is high, the amount of the human growth hormone also increases in the body.

Taking a lot of sugar reduces the amount of HGH in the body. The sugar increases insulin, which leads to low HGH levels. Vitamin D3 not only enhances the growth of muscle, but it also helps to increase the level of the growth hormone.

Taking a HGH diet also increases the level of the hormone in the body. Pineapples, goji berries, algae’s, coconut oil, yoghurt, watermelon, eggs, parmesan, raw chocolates and lemons amongst others are recommended.

Synthetic type

As people age, the hormone production reduces. Actually, after one reaches 30 years old, its secretion reduces by two per cent every year. People then rely on the synthetic supplement. The human growth hormone weight loss is prepared in the lab. It has been approved by the FDA for use. You can buy HGH online for sale. It is taken in the body as a peptide.

A peptide is a type of a protein. Normally, proteins are broken down before being used by the body. Unfortunately, when the peptide is broken down, the body cannot use it. For this reason, the best way to introduce it to the body is through injection. For better results, combine a HGH diet plan together with the supplements. It is always advisable to carry out a medical evaluation before using any HGH supplement.

Best HGH supplement for weight loss

One of the best HGH supplement in the market is a combination of Hydrox slim and HGF Max from HgH.com. Between 15 to 30 days, you will see a difference in the level of HGH before and after the supplement. HGF contains ingredients that make it a successful weight management supplement.

It contains L-Arginine, which is able to triple the level of HGH. The L-Tyrosine reduces fatigue, depression and it helps to regulate metabolism (important in weight loss) and growth. HGF also contains L-Arginine that increases fat metabolism while at the same time help to build body mass.

Hydrox Slim increases HGH fat loss, metabolism and reduces your appetite. Vitamin B6 is responsible for decreasing the appetite. Another ingredient is Chromium, which works almost the same as Vitamin B6.

buy HGH supplement for weight loss

With such a powerful combination of the two supplements, Hydrox slim and HGF Max, you will see a big difference in days. It is effective as it takes every aspect of weight loss into account and guarantees positive HGH results. The ingredients have been combined in such a way that it is inevitable to lose weight. You can get this human growth hormone for sale online.

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