HGH for Bodybuilding – Is HGH Safe without Side Effects?

HGH for Bodybuilding

The human growth hormone started becoming a supplement of choice for many body builders in the 60s. In the following decades, it became even more popular as people with great physique were in great demand, especially in Hollywood. Body builders were under pressure to get massive muscle gains within a short period of time and they discovered HGH about the same time.

The Human Growth Hormone has many benefits especially for those seeking to keep fit and slow down the aging process. There are also a number of side effects. A lot of people still are not clear on the growth hormone body building benefits and side effects.

Benefits for Body Builders

HGH for bodybuilderOne of the HGH body building benefits is the development of lean muscle. It is particularly useful in recovery and repair. It increases the rate of protein synthesis and is useful in developing new muscle. Body builders take HGH pills for body building in order to facilitate the repair and recovery after intense workout sessions.

Even though it is considered the best HGH for muscle growth, it is important to note that it does not lead to major muscle gains by itself. However, when it is coupled with other important ingredients found in body building pills and supplement, the results can be phenomenal.

The other reason HGH pills for body building are sought after, is because it helps to maintain lean muscle mass. With HGH, body builders do not have to strain with diets to remain lean. Research studies have proven that the hormone can help melt fat away. It metabolizes body fat and keeps you lean and ripped.

It is very important for body builders who get into very intense workout sessions. It helps with recovery and repair of injured muscles. It keeps you feeling more energetic and improves your overall performance. This way, you can sustain more intense workout sessions while ensuring your body recovers properly.

HGH Side Effects for Body Building

Even though the hormone has many benefits, it also happens to have a number of side effects. These side effects tend to be severe when the dosage is higher than the recommended amounts.

One of the main side effects of taking a HGH dosage for body building is that it can cause joint pain. This was confirmed in early studies that were done in the late 80s. This side effect is more common to people who are in their 50s and 60s. The joint pain can however subside after you complete your cycle.

An excessive usage of the growth hormone pills for body builders can lead to a condition known as acromelagy. Acromelagy is a condition that causes the abnormal growth of the face, hands, feet and large intestines. It is what is responsible for joint pain. It also causes joints to expand and this causes pain when you try to move your hands or feet.

It can also cause your gut to be bigger. When body builders started to use the hormone, they discovered it made some of them to have a somewhat swollen stomach. This is as a result of the growth of the large intestines. It is also responsible for changes in appearance. People who over use these pills for bodybuilding have a more prominent jaw line.

HGH and Steroids

Because it is one of the supplements used for body building, human growth hormone for sale is usually categorized by some to be a steroid. The two have very fundamental differences. HGH is a hormone produced at the base of the brain by the pituitary glands. Anabolic steroids are artificial substitute of the male hormone testosterone.

Even though HGH can have side effects as stated above, steroids have much more severe effects to the body. They have both psychological side effects as well as physiological ones. They can cause mental disorders where one is frequently in a bad mood and considers himself invincible. They can also cause very serious and potentially fatal physiological disorders such as kidney and liver problems.

How to Take HGH for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders use the pill mainly for recovery and ensuring they stay lean. The hormone injections are illegal in the US and other jurisdictions. However, it is possible still to use it legally. It can be sold over the counter in small quantities. For this reason, some suppliers have come up with a HGH spray for bodybuilding.

You have to spray it in your mouth. It contains small amounts of alcohol, which makes it possible to be absorbed through the lining of the mouth. You can’t get any HGH results if you ingest it. The hormone cannot survive in the digestive system.

Another way to take advantage of the hormone without any side effects is to stimulate your body to produce the hormone through exercise, adequate sleep, or nutrition. There are supplements that have amino acids that have been proven to stimulate the production of the hormone by the pituitary gland.

The Best HGH Supplement for Body Building

HGH 30,000 Nanograms

hgh 30000 nano pills

HGH 30000 is a HGH supplement packed with growth factors that stimulate your body to produce the hormone without any side effects. No injects needed here. You can simply spray it in your mouth and it will be effectively absorbed into the body. The supplement also comes from an award winning company.



HGF Max will maximize your body’s ability to produce the growth hormone. No side effects associated with synthetic HGH. It contains a blend of 6 essential amino acids including L-LysineL-Tyrosine, L-Ornithine etc.

Analopan Max 50

This is supplement that contains essential amino acids and other important ingredients. This means that you don’t need to worry about side effects. The amino acid L-Tyrosine will naturally stimulate your body to produce the hormone.

Somatropinne HGH

This is another HGH releaser. It contains ingredients that facilitate the production of the hormone by the pituitary gland. This means there are no side effects and can be taken in a pill form instead of injecting yourself. Somatropine HGH has some of the best HGH reviews for body building online.


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